Landing in Nova Scotia:

After all the waiting, the day has finally arrived. The start of your brand new life in Nova Scotia.

When you arrive here, you will land permanently either on a work or student visa or as a permanent resident. Landing is the actual process of activating your Residency Visa through the Port of Entry.

Entering Canada through the  Canadian Border Service Agency Official, you will be directed to the Customs and Immigration Officials who will check your visa, passport and fill out the additional paperwork to activate your residency.

In order to retain your residency status, you must spend a minimum of two years in Canada within a five year period. It is very possible to activate your visa with the intention of moving here at a later date and sometimes families choose to do this.

Immigration officials will request a Canadian address for your Permanent Residency cards to be sent to you (this usually takes between 4-6 weeks). You will need original PR cards to travel outside of Canada, if you have to travel before they arrive you can apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document.

Your Goods to Follow lists (forms B4 and B4a)  will be required and if all your paperwork is correct, you will be leaving the airport as Canadian residents. You’ll have the all important IMM 5292 document, confirming your PR status and signed off by an Immigration official.

Work Permit

If you are entering Nova Scotia on a Work Permit, you will need to present your work permits and documentation to Customs and Immigration Officials. In a lot of cases, a Permanent Residency application is in process or made at a later date.

Providing your paperwork is complete and depending on how many people are landing, you could be in and out of the airport in less than an hour (in our case anyway…).

Once you’ve got your car hire sorted, you can take a deep breath – you are well on your way!

The next few days of arriving will be hectic, sorting Social Insurance Numbers, MSI (health cards) and other officialdom.

Be sure to schedule a meeting with us for a day or two after you land here so we can help get you settled and work through your to-do list.



Here’s to the next chapter of your life!

As always, send us your questions and we will do our very best to help you.

Richard & Jane

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