• Birthplace of Hockey (Windsor, NS) The History of Ice Hockey from the Original Home Ice & Birthplace of Hockey Windsor Nova Scotia (circa 1800).


  • We have the highest tides in the world opening up a whole area of recreation hard to find elsewhere (mud sliding, tidal bore rafting, muddy soccer). Tidal Bore Rafting


  • It’s a great place for year-round surfing, especially during hurricane season (from August to November) when consistent surf comes up from the Atlantic.  There are dedicated surfers who chase the waves all the way around the world to here. https://magicseaweed.com/Nova-Scotia-Surf-Forecast/26/



  • We have reconstructed an 18th-century French town in Cape Breton, Fortress Louisburg, where you can experience life as it was back then including the food, actors, trials, family life, and if you wear red, you might even get put in jail briefly for being a suspected English spy.


  • The Cabot Trail in Cape Breton was named by National Geographic as one of the World’s “must see places” in 2013 and Canada’s Best Kept Secret (2017) It is a 300km spectacular drive that will take you through windy roads in the Highlands where you will see spectacular natural views while experiencing French, Mi’kmaq, and Celtic cultures.


  • The US has Area 51, we have Shag Harbour where a very famous UFO encounter occurred. Whether it was Aliens or no, it is a well-documented mystery involving lots of witnesses including authorities. “Something” crashed there and they never figured out what. The story is an interesting read.Shag Harbour UFO incident


  • Then, of course, there is the mystery of the Oak Island Treasure. People have been digging on that Island for years looking for a treasure. Even famous actors have invested like Errol Flynn and John Wayne to get in on the action. It’s now the focus of a popular TV Show.


  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s dad was a famous boxer from here.


  • The actor Donald Sutherland grew up on the South Shore here.


  • Many TV shows made here like The Trailer Park Boys, Theodore Tug Boat (you can take rides on a life-size version in the Harbour), The Mist, The Lizzie Borden Story and plenty more….


  • We have more bars per capita in Halifax, Nova Scotia than anywhere else in North America (a lot of drinking going on here).


  • Although Nova Scotia’s flag was created in 1858, it wasn’t officially recognized until 2013 when an eleven year old doing a school project brought it to light that our flag had never been recognized. So even though it’s been used for 155 years, technically it’s one of the newest recognized flags in the world. That being said, we are ranked #12 in admiration of its design by North America Vexillological Association’s survey of state and provincial flags in 2001.


  • We are rich in fossils. You can find the world’s oldest fossilized footprints in a little museum at Blue Beach, Nova Scotia. You don’t have to be an expert to find them either. Just stop by the museum, they will tell you what to look for and off you go pretty much guaranteed to find fossils.  Blue Beach Fossil Museum


  • Lobster may be a sought-after delicacy now, but many Nova Scotians can still recall it being considered a poor people food. If you were a poor kid, you’d go to school with a lobster sandwich. They were abundant, fairly easy to catch and easy to cook. Now a commercial lobster license can go for over 1/4 of a million dollars Our cool waters make for the tastiest lobsters. It is now a huge industry, very expensive and hard to break into. But within Nova Scotia, you can still get Lobsters fairly cheap by buying them out of the back of a guy’s truck. They are likely to be straight off the boat. Many prefer that as opposed to buying from grocery stores. Expensive lobster in restaurants is for tourists.


  • Every year Nova Scotia sends a Christmas tree to Boston, Massachusetts to thank them for their help after the 1917 Halifax explosion that leveled parts of Halifax and Dartmouth. Many died and it was followed by a blizzard where many more would have died if Boston hadn’t managed to get through despite the weather to render aid. This isn’t just any tree, it will be the best tree that can be found in Nova Scotia. It is a great honor for the tree to be selected. The cutting down of the tree and it’s send off are surrounded by ceremonies, a way to remember the victims and remind us of the contributions of Boston in our time of need that has bonded us to them.

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