Holidaying in Canada: As we enter our 10th year of living in Nova Scotia, we are very much settled in the Canadian way of holidaying, yet as a Brit, it took a little adjustment as we initially found it quite unusual.

The reason we did find it unusual at the time is, I suspect because we’ve always been used to holidaying from the UK. Rarely did those holidays actually take place in the UK, mainly because the weather is almost guaranteed to let you down. So instead they almost always involved a very short and usually quite cheap flight to another country with a completely different culture.

Once there, the week, or sometimes 10 days or two weeks, would be spent exploring the whole area, seeing new things and having new experiences. Every day would be thoroughly planned and every tourist attraction included so as not to miss anything out.


Sometimes these holidays could be quite exhausting!


Let’s compare that with what holidaying in Canada is like.

A lot of people take a winter sun vacation during February-April. Those with school age children often take their main holiday during March break and tend to choose hot and sunny destinations to break up the long winter. Cuba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico and Florida tend to be popular choices.

If you love winter and want to ski or snowboard, then many people will travel to a ski resort either within Canada (Quebec is our closest BIG resort) or head to the US, which is where we visit each March Break. We spend a week at Sunday River in Maine which is an amazing family trip that everyone loves.

When summer arrives and schools finish at the end of June, summer vacation takes on a whole new meaning. People drive to a place that is reasonably nearby, avoiding the hassle of airports, taxis and car rental. When they arrive, there is no pressure to explore everything, they’ve probably seen it all before. So instead, they just go to the places they want to go to which gives everyone way more time to actually relax.

I may have found that unusual back then, but it is fairly common for people to own or have access to a family cottage and spend the summer holidaying there. Campers and trailers are very popular too as many people head to the many beautiful campsites or other holiday accommodation to sit around, chill, fish, kayak, swim and do very little except enjoy the warm weather, the wonderful sea breezes and the stunning nature.

It is a truly relaxing way of taking a break and when you get back home, you really do feel like you’ve had a holiday. Many Canadians have been doing this for years; now we are doing it and we love it. It just makes it that little bit harder to visit family in the UK. I guess that’s kind of why we rely on them coming to visit us during the summer months, as summer is Nova Scotia is really too nice to miss 😉

Life is good in Nova Scotia.

As always, feel free to give us a shout if we can help with your settlement in any way.

Have a great week.

Jane and Richard

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