Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Nova Scotia and Exchange Rates

We are continuing our Cost of Living in Nova Scotia topic….

When you first arrive here, it will seem like you have a huge hole in your pocket! The hard earned money that you are bringing with you will very soon start disappearing.

In the beginning it can be expensive – purchasing new cars, sorting out […]

Grocery Shopping in Nova Scotia

There are three main supermarkets that dominate the grocery sector in Nova Scotia.

Up until 2015, there were just two – Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore. Wal-mart added a fresh produce section in 2015 and as a result, prices have definitely become more competitive.

Sobeys is a Nova Scotia company with over 300 stores throughout the province.

Atlantic […]

Cost of Living in Nova Scotia

I’m sure there are many ex-pats who would disagree with my take on the cost of living in Nova Scotia but having been here for nine and a half years, this is what we find expensive living in this beautiful province.

Certainly, housing is much cheaper.

We had a small Victorian terraced home in the heart […]


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