Moving to Canada

Which Company Service Should You Use for Transferring Your Money?

In today’s blog, I’m going to discuss which companies offer the best deal when transferring your hard earned money into Canadian dollars.

I have limited my search to two major players in the game – TransferWise (the more common-knowledge and probably the most popular currency exchange company) and Tor-FX (the lesser known company).

Personally, Tor-FX narrowly […]

Buying a Home in Nova Scotia, Canada – It’s a Very Different Process Here

Buying Home in Nova Scotia – Here’s What You Should Know About the Process….

Newly landed immigrants to Nova Scotia who don’t plan to rent long term need to know exactly what they are getting into when buying their first home in Canada, as there are quite a few significant differences between the process in the […]

Canadian Immigration: Job Sponsorship versus Finding Work on Arrival

Some of the most asked questions we receive here at Moving 2 Nova Scotia is about finding work. If you are seriously thinking about moving to Canada, the dilemma I’m about to describe may be the biggest you will face.
Should I Get a Visa First Or a Job Sponsorship?
For many people, being able to […]

Relocating to Nova Scotia – Tips on Your Arrival

Relocating to Nova Scotia
So, after a great deal of consideration, a lot of paperwork, and most probably a quite substantial financial outlay, you find yourself landing at Halifax International Airport to start your new life in Nova Scotia, Canada. This is it….you are finally relocating to Nova Scotia 🙂

You might describe your journey as a […]

Moving Your Pet to Canada

Moving your pet to Canada is possible but how easy is it and what are the costs involved?

For many people starting a new life in Canada, the thought of moving here without their furry family member is unheard of. So where to start….

Firstly, you may want to check out the import requirements for moving […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Nova Scotia

What I Wish I knew before Moving to Nova Scotia, Canada

When we moved to Nova Scotia, we shipped a container with all our belongings from home and boy, are we thankful. 10 years ago it was pretty awful shopping here, not a lot of choice and expensive. Nowadays , there is definitely more choice – and […]

The 6 First Things You NEED to Do When Landing in Nova Scotia

You are landing in Nova Scotia and ready to start your new life. It’s an exciting yet extremely busy time. I seem to remember our first month felt we were never ever home. We always had a list of chores to do and with two young children in tow, it was a tough balancing act […]

Getting a Job in Nova Scotia: 10 Tips for Acing Phone Interviews

It is fairly common practice to have a phone interview as the first step in the hunt for getting a job in Nova Scotia, particularly if you are based outside Canada. When we were moving to Nova Scotia, Rich had a few phone interviews with a large Accounting firm and based on his phone interviews, […]

Nursing in Nova Scotia – Professional Advice and Tips for Success

The job prospects for nursing in Nova Scotia is expected to be above average over the coming years as there is a growing, almost urgent need to replace experienced nurses who are close to or about to retire.

Nursing is a registered profession in Canada.  There are three categories of nurses in Nova Scotia: licensed […]


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