Living in Nova Scotia and the East Coast Lifestyle:


Living in Nova Scotia is a dream for anyone who loves to be near the ocean and the great outdoors.

Unlike the West Coast and other parts of Canada, property is very reasonably priced allowing you an incredible lifestyle without a huge mortgage or financial constraint.

If you like the idea of kayaking, fishing, boating, jet skiing, surfing, skiing, snowshoeing, skating, hockey, hiking or whale watching – you can enjoy it all here.

With a population of 1 million, there is so much space to appreciate and until you visit here, you honestly cannot believe what a blessing that is. It’s very easy to get around, there’s often little to no congestion and driving anywhere is a breeze. Say goodbye to crowded beaches and long commutes.

Nova Scotia has Canada’s warmest weather overall and is on the same latitude as Northern Italy. We have four defined seasons. Our winters are milder, yet we still have snow, our summers are warm and sunny and Fall/Autumn is beautiful and warm.

Yet, it’s the people who make Nova Scotia extra special. The people are so friendly and welcoming. Whether you are out walking the dog or at the grocery store, people want to stop and talk. The community spirit, goodwill and Maritime hospitality is exceptional.

With a strong British history and Scottish influence, Nova Scotia can feel like home very quickly. And if you are craving certain British foods, there are several retailers in the province where you can satisfy those cravings!
Halifax itself is a vibrant and tastefully understated city. It has a classic feel, with a mix of old and new buildings. It is dominated by the star-shaped Citadel fort and Victorian-era Public Gardens.

Newer developments include the innovative and award winning Central Library, a brand new world class Convention Centre, retail and chic condo developments.

The city of Halifax is close to the water and has a lively waterfront which is pedestrian friendly. You’ll find special events such as beach volleyball tournaments, concerts and festivals taking place along the boardwalk. An abundance of green space, lakes, beaches and a fascinating mix of stylish bars, cafes and restaurants, make Halifax a perfect place to explore.

Halifax offers world class education including 5 Universities, a dedicated Women’s and Children’s Health hospital (IWK) and two general hospitals on various sites throughout the city.

Good highways connect rural and suburban areas, making the commute to downtown Halifax pretty straightforward.

Often people choose to live outside the downtown core and communities such as Fall River, Oakfield, Bedford, Hammonds Plains, Tantallon and Porter’s Lake prove to be very popular due to their large lots, community feel, amenities, great schools and easy highway access.FullSizeRender534

All in all, living in Nova Scotia is pretty special. Just don’t tell everyone 🙂

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