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What’s It Like Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Thank you to Richard Payne of Halifax Homes and Lifestyles for sharing this blog post that he wrote. Check out for more valuable blog posts on living and working in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Of course, everyone will have their own opinion of what it is like living in Halifax, Nova Scotia and here is […]

Which Country Has the Most Bank Holidays?

I thought we’d chat about Bank Holidays on today’s blog and in particular which country has the most public holidays – Canada or the UK?

Bank holidays are known as public holidays in Canada and unlike the UK, each province of Canada has a differing set of public holidays. For the purpose of today’s blog, […]

There’s No Jobs in Nova Scotia…..Really?

Moving to Nova Scotia and How to Find Work
One of the biggest issues with moving to Nova Scotia seems to be the impression that there is a lack of jobs. We are not sure we would agree. Here’s why….

When we first decided to move to Canada and headed out on a research trip to […]


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