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What’s It Like Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Thank you to Richard Payne of Halifax Homes and Lifestyles for sharing this blog post that he wrote. Check out www.richardpayne.ca for more valuable blog posts on living and working in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Of course, everyone will have their own opinion of what it is like living in Halifax, Nova Scotia and here is […]

Buying Your First Home in Nova Scotia

Hey everyone,

I’m not going to go into the home buying process here in Canada – that’s Richard’s area of expertise – and he’d be more than happy to share his knowledge with you.

The purpose of today’s blog is to get you thinking about a few practical things when the time comes to buying your […]

Where Can I buy British Food in Nova Scotia?

Maybe you are fairly new to Nova Scotia and wondering if it’s possible to buy British food in Nova Scotia. Your luck is in. You can more or less find anything on your shopping list, but be prepared to pay a premium for it.

For the longest time, we craved proper back bacon, walkers crisps […]

Winter in Nova Scotia: Getting Your Vehicle Ready

Winter is just around the corner in Nova Scotia. In some Canadian provinces it has already arrived but thankfully we have been enjoying a most spectacular November.

This will be our 10th winter in Nova Scotia and from experience, we know that winter will coming roaring in like a lion so we start to prepare for […]

Should you rent when you first move here?

Some families will look to rent in the short term when they first move to #NovaScotia. Here’s some essential information and points to consider. #Canada


Don’t forget these extra costs

New VLOG: Don’t forget these extra costs if you are moving to #NovaScotia with children. #Canada

What’s your WHY in moving to Canada

New VLOG: What’s Your Why? ##NovaScotia #Canada #immigrating

Healthcare and applying for a health card

New VLOG: healthcare in #NovaScotia and why you need to apply for your health card as soon as you arrive ?? #Canada

How’s the weather here in Nova Scotia

I’m being a typical #Brit and discussing the weather in today’s Vlog. What does Winter 2017 hold in store for us here in #NovaScotia ? ☀️?⛄️?

Moving to Nova Scotia with teens?

New Vlog: Moving to #NovaScotia with teens. Is there enough to do?

(ps. ignore my post yoga workout clothes and beads of sweat ?)


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