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How Can I Find a Family Doctor in Nova Scotia?

If you have been following the Nova Scotia news, you’ll be aware that we have an acute shortage of doctors in our province.

As of December 1st, 42,198 Nova Scotians were without a family doctor and on the provincial wait list.

Nova Scotia health officials say they have recruited 92 doctors since April 1st 2018 although […]

What’s It Like Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Thank you to Richard Payne of Halifax Homes and Lifestyles for sharing this blog post that he wrote. Check out for more valuable blog posts on living and working in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Of course, everyone will have their own opinion of what it is like living in Halifax, Nova Scotia and here is […]

School Catchment Areas and Maps for Halifax Regional School Board

Hey everyone!

For people moving to Halifax with children, one of their main priorities is to find a good school and to get their children settled in their new environment as quickly as possible. As the province doesn’t appear to publish a school ranking guide, it’s sometimes a word of mouth or trusting-your-own-instincts kind of […]

Some Interesting Facts About Nova Scotia

Birthplace of Hockey (Windsor, NS) The History of Ice Hockey from the Original Home Ice & Birthplace of Hockey Windsor Nova Scotia (circa 1800).


We have the highest tides in the world opening up a whole area of recreation hard to find elsewhere (mud sliding, tidal bore rafting, muddy soccer). Tidal Bore Rafting


It’s […]

Winter Family Fun in Nova Scotia: Sugar Moon Farm

One of our favourite places to visit for a little winter fun in Nova Scotia is Sugar Moon Farm. Not heard of it? Well, keep reading because it is a fabulous day out for all the family.

Sugar Moon is a maple syrup farm and restaurant in Earltown, Colchester County (an easy 1hr 30 min […]

7 things you need to know before moving to Halifax

I came across this really great post featuring 7 things you need to know before moving to Halifax and thought I would share it with you. It has a lot of valid points.

One of the best things about moving to Halifax and choosing to live in Nova Scotia over other parts of Canada has […]

Relocating to Nova Scotia – Tips on Your Arrival

Relocating to Nova Scotia
So, after a great deal of consideration, a lot of paperwork, and most probably a quite substantial financial outlay, you find yourself landing at Halifax International Airport to start your new life in Nova Scotia, Canada. This is it….you are finally relocating to Nova Scotia 🙂

You might describe your journey as a […]

Winter in Nova Scotia: Getting Your Vehicle Ready

Winter is just around the corner in Nova Scotia. In some Canadian provinces it has already arrived but thankfully we have been enjoying a most spectacular November.

This will be our 10th winter in Nova Scotia and from experience, we know that winter will coming roaring in like a lion so we start to prepare for […]

Living in Nova Scotia: Where Do People Go on Holiday?

When we first moved to Nova Scotia, we found the holiday set up pretty strange.

Unlike the UK, we don’t get half term breaks from school. The new school year starts in September, with a short Christmas break and goes right through to mid-March when school closes for a week.

This is when a lot of families will go […]


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