Working in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia recognizes there is a growing need for skilled and educated workers equipped with expertise from other provinces and countries.

Securing a job quickly upon landing or prior to arriving is the basic element of any successful move (unless you are fortunate enough to not require a job).

Recruiters tend to have limited employment opportunities available to non-residents, but they are worth a visit if you are planning on a research trip. Once you have your residency status, opportunities will open up.

Many employers will be open to direct contact by email or phone. Often a preliminary interview is conducted over the phone or in person if you are visiting.

We both met with employers when we visited here and were told we would have no problem finding work when we landed. Richard was working within the week and Jane had the choice of two full time nursing positions.

Networking is Key It is a very different system to the UK job search. Many job positions are not advertised so building your list of contacts through networking is vitally important.

The Greater Halifax Partnership’s Connector Program is a simple, yet highly effective networking program that helps local businesses and organizations connect with local businesses and organisations with immigrants, international students and young emerging talent. For more information visit Halifax Partnership job

For more detailed information about Nova Scotia’s labour market, visit Working in Canada, the Government of Canada’s leading source for jobs and labour market details.

This website has free information such as job opportunities, educational requirements, main duties, wage rates and salaries, current employment trends and outlooks. It can also help you search for work, make career decisions and see what jobs are in demand.

You will need a Canadian Resume, which is very easy to do. The format and content is different from our traditional CV, with more emphasis placed on promotional and work history (and volunteering positions!)

A typical resume tends to be shorter with a maximum of 2 pages (ideally 1 page). It’s fairly straightforward to convert your current CV to a Canadian format – our Resources page has a template for you to use, if required.

Check out these excellent resources for job search and career advice

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As always, get in touch if you have any queries no matter how big or small.

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