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Richard moved to Fall River, NS in 2007 with his wife and at the time 2 kids. Now with 3 kids he shares his knowledge on moving to another country on his website for others doing the same

What’s your WHY in moving to Canada

New VLOG: What’s Your Why? ##NovaScotia #Canada #immigrating

Healthcare and applying for a health card

New VLOG: healthcare in #NovaScotia and why you need to apply for your health card as soon as you arrive ?? #Canada

How’s the weather here in Nova Scotia

I’m being a typical #Brit and discussing the weather in today’s Vlog. What does Winter 2017 hold in store for us here in #NovaScotia ? ☀️?⛄️?

Moving to Nova Scotia with teens?

New Vlog: Moving to #NovaScotia with teens. Is there enough to do?

(ps. ignore my post yoga workout clothes and beads of sweat ?)

The home buying process in Canada

On today’s vlog, Rich will give you an insight into the home buying process in #Canada.

VLog: 5 reasons why we LOVE living in Nova Scotia

On today’s vlog: 5 reasons why we LOVE living in #NovaScotia

Choosing a province will determine your lifestyle

When moving to #Canada, the province you choose will determine your lifestyle. Here’s the first part of our story……

Essential Packing Checklist for Moving to Nova Scotia

All the waiting is nearly over and you are finally on your way to a new life in Nova Scotia…However, before you jump for joy, there’s a few essential things to arrange prior to your departure and landing as well as a list of things to consider packing to make your life a little […]

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