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Jane moved to Fall River, NS in 2007 with her husband and at the time 2 kids. Now with 3 kids she shares her knowledge on moving to another country on this website for others doing the same

Surviving Your First Winter in Canada | Moving 2 Nova Scotia

Surviving your first winter in Canada will require a little bit of planning and thought. Winter in Nova Scotia generally starts with a big dump of snow mid-November as a “get yourself organised” warning and then the real winter conditions start in January through to March, with plenty of snow, ice and cold temperatures.

Compared to […]

Winter in Nova Scotia, Canada | Outdoor Ice Skating |Moving 2 Nova Scotia

Embracing winter in Nova Scotia means embracing winter outdoor activities. This will be our 10th winter in Halifax, Nova Scotia and we love it! I honestly never thought I would get used to Canadian winters (because I feel the cold and love to be warm) but winters here are just so different from the […]

Moving Your Pet to Canada

Moving your pet to Canada is possible but how easy is it and what are the costs involved?

For many people starting a new life in Canada, the thought of moving here without their furry family member is unheard of. So where to start….

Firstly, you may want to check out the import requirements for moving […]

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree in Nova Scotia

As the Christmas Tree Capital of the world, you will find the absolute best Christmas trees in Nova Scotia.

If this is your first Christmas in Canada, you may decide to make it more of an adventure and cut your very own tree which is always a memorable and fun experience and may even lead […]

Exchanging Your Currency

Today we have a guest post from our friends at TorFX.

We are delighted to recommend TorFX for all your currency exchange needs. Not only do they offer a first class service, but they also have superb rates, with no hidden charges or fees and their customer service is outstanding!

TorFX has developed into one of […]

Winter in Nova Scotia: Getting Your Vehicle Ready

Winter is just around the corner in Nova Scotia. In some Canadian provinces it has already arrived but thankfully we have been enjoying a most spectacular November.

This will be our 10th winter in Nova Scotia and from experience, we know that winter will coming roaring in like a lion so we start to prepare for […]

The Truth About the Traffic in Nova Scotia

One of the things I disliked most about living in the UK was the traffic. Driving around Cardiff was always congested. It used to take Richard 45 minutes to drive 5 miles from our home to his office. And when I was working afternoon shifts at the hospital, I would have to set off […]

Hockey in Nova Scotia – the National Sport of Canada

Canada is a nation of hockey lovers. It is certainly more than just a game – it’s an adored way of life and is characteristically Canadian.

From frozen-over ponds and community rinks, to the top arenas, you will find Canadians playing hockey. There is year round media coverage of hockey, there is a hockey scene […]

How Alcohol is Sold in Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, alcohol is  sold  in provincially owned approved stores, either the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission (NSLC) or designated Agency stores in more rural areas.

There are a few exceptions – a handful of privately owned (and non regulated) wine and craft beer stores are dotted around the province, as well as the increasingly popular local Brewery stores.

Unlike […]

Cost of Living in Nova Scotia and Exchange Rates

We are continuing our Cost of Living in Nova Scotia topic….

When you first arrive here, it will seem like you have a huge hole in your pocket! The hard earned money that you are bringing with you will very soon start disappearing.

In the beginning it can be expensive – purchasing new cars, sorting out […]


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