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Jane moved to Fall River, NS in 2007 with her husband and at the time 2 kids. Now with 3 kids she shares her knowledge on moving to another country on this website for others doing the same

Grocery Shopping in Nova Scotia

There are three main supermarkets that dominate the grocery sector in Nova Scotia.

Up until 2015, there were just two – Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore. Wal-mart added a fresh produce section in 2015 and as a result, prices have definitely become more competitive.

Sobeys is a Nova Scotia company with over 300 stores throughout the province.

Atlantic […]

Our Home in Nova Scotia versus our Home in Cardiff

This is our home in Nova Scotia. Our whole life has more or less been transformed by the move we made to Canada back in March 2007.

If we hadn’t moved to Nova Scotia, I still think we would be happy, though. Our happiness was not purely dependent on moving to Canada. It just would have […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Nova Scotia

What I Wish I knew before Moving to Nova Scotia, Canada

When we moved to Nova Scotia, we shipped a container with all our belongings from home and boy, are we thankful. 10 years ago it was pretty awful shopping here, not a lot of choice and expensive. Nowadays , there is definitely more choice – and […]

The 6 First Things You NEED to Do When Landing in Nova Scotia

You are landing in Nova Scotia and ready to start your new life. It’s an exciting yet extremely busy time. I seem to remember our first month felt we were never ever home. We always had a list of chores to do and with two young children in tow, it was a tough balancing act […]

Getting a Job in Nova Scotia: 10 Tips for Acing Phone Interviews

It is fairly common practice to have a phone interview as the first step in the hunt for getting a job in Nova Scotia, particularly if you are based outside Canada. When we were moving to Nova Scotia, Rich had a few phone interviews with a large Accounting firm and based on his phone interviews, […]

Nursing in Nova Scotia – Professional Advice and Tips for Success

The job prospects for nursing in Nova Scotia is expected to be above average over the coming years as there is a growing, almost urgent need to replace experienced nurses who are close to or about to retire.

Nursing is a registered profession in Canada.  There are three categories of nurses in Nova Scotia: licensed […]

Cost of Living in Nova Scotia

I’m sure there are many ex-pats who would disagree with my take on the cost of living in Nova Scotia but having been here for nine and a half years, this is what we find expensive living in this beautiful province.

Certainly, housing is much cheaper.

We had a small Victorian terraced home in the heart […]

An Introduction to the School System in Nova Scotia

When we moved to Nova Scotia back in 2007, we were very fortunate to settle quickly in a great neighbourhood that had a very good schools.

Nearly all primary and secondary Schools in the Nova Scotia are public schools maintained by the provincial government’s Department of Education. The public school system runs from Primary through to Grade 12.

There are […]

Buying Your First Home in Canada: What You Need to Know

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Where Are the Cheapest Canadian Cities?

Canada is a massive country with ten provinces and many livable cities to choose from.

Many people are drawn to the natural beauty of the west coast, but are put off by the extreme cost of housing and the highest overall cost of living in Canada.

So what other cities are a good choice in terms of affordability […]


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