CanadaCanada is on a roll with world rankings when it comes to reasons why it’s the best country in the world. It consistently ranks in the top 5 countries to live based on multiple parameters like quality of life, economic growth, an opportunity for entrepreneurship and so forth.

I came across this really cool article which lists 10 reasons why Canada is the best country in the world so thought I would share it here for all to see and enjoy.

10 Reasons Why Canada is the Best Country in the World – Read more here


There’s certainly a lot to take into account before you move to another country. You want to be sure that the move is going to improve your daily life, that your career and financial goals are going to be met and that health care, education, and safety needs are addressed. Canada consistently ranks high in all these areas and offers ex-pats an overwhelmingly positive experience. And once you land and settle here, you can explore this wonderful country at your leisure.

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