job-wantedMoving to Nova Scotia and How to Find Work
One of the biggest issues with moving to Nova Scotia seems to be the impression that there is a lack of jobs. We are not sure we would agree. Here’s why….

When we first decided to move to Canada and headed out on a research trip to Calgary, we stayed with a British family who had immigrated two years earlier. It was a great opportunity to get to know what it is really like living in Canada and to get helpful and insightful tips.

What we found very interesting was that it took our host over three months to find the right job after landing in Calgary. Luckily for them, they had a large buffer that could keep the family comfortable while he looked for a suitable position. But many of us, don’t have that luxury and need to find work as soon as possible, especially if you have a family to support.

During our Calgary trip, I set up appointments at Foothills hospital to see how easy it would be to work and I was met with enthusiasm and choice, once I had my visa in hand. Richard on the other hand was told he would be able to find work as an Accountant but it might take some time and he would probably have to sit a Law and Taxation course (which he really did not want to do).

Finding A Job in Nova Scotia
The reason I mention this is because it is often assumed that heading out west will guarantee you employment when in fact that is not often the case for everyone. When we decided that Calgary was not the right fit for us, we started looking into Nova Scotia. During our trip, Richard got in touch with a Recruitment Company and started discussions with an offshore company moving back to Halifax. After a few email chats and an online interview, Richard was offered a job once we had our visas in hand and a firm move date.

We landed here on 12th March 2007 and Richard started work as a Chartered Management Accountant on 19th March 2007. And best of all, he did not have to resit Law and Taxation exams.

As a British immigrant, you are in demand in the Canadian workforce. The British work ethic is well respected here in Canada. We honestly do not know any British worker who has not found work. And yes, it is very true that networking plays a huge part in getting work here but not in all cases.

Our advice would be to visit here on a Research trip if you can and whilst here, set up as many appointments with Recruitment Consultants and companies you like the look of. We can certainly put you in touch and make an introduction for you. Some of the strangest opportunities come from just being friendly and chatting to people, because you honestly never know who you are talking to and what opportunities will come your way.

Get in touch with us anytime for free advice and helpful tips.

Life is good in Nova Scotia! Come and see for yourself.

Jane and Rich