cost of living in nova scotiaWe are continuing our Cost of Living in Nova Scotia topic….

When you first arrive here, it will seem like you have a huge hole in your pocket! The hard earned money that you are bringing with you will very soon start disappearing.

In the beginning it can be expensive – purchasing new cars, sorting out a new home and the costs involved, buying new fixtures and fittings and furniture.

For the first year, we converted everything to Sterling to give us an idea of costs.

Sometimes looking at the price of an item in Canadian dollars would throw us off. We were saying things were expensive, when in fact we were pricing the item in British pounds.

Although there are occasions when we will revert back to Sterling, we’ve been here long enough to know the Canadian dollar value on items that we are purchasing.

You will of course find some things a lot cheaper and some more expensive.

If you’ve been smart about exchanging your British pounds into Canadian dollars, you’ll hopefully be coming here with a good exchange rate and you will be in a strong position with your buying power.

A word of warning, however…..

If you take the prices and convert the Canadian cost into British pounds (or whatever currency you are exchanging), you will not be left with a fair reflection of the cost of living in Canada.

If the Canadian dollar is weak against the British Pound, then Nova Scotia will appear to be a very expensive province to live in. If the Canadian dollar is strong against the pound, Canada will seem like a cheap country and Nova Scotia a cheap province to live.

But when you live here and earn Canadian dollars, exchange rates mean nothing and prices won’t seem so bad once you are here.

It will take time to get into the flow, to understand the true cost of living in Nova Scotia, where to splurge and where to save and there will of course be differing expenses associated with your new Canadian lifestyle 😉

Life is good in Nova Scotia!

As always, please feel free to get in touch.


Jane & Richard

Moving 2 Nova Scotia