All the waiting is nearly over and you are finally on your way to a new life in Nova Scotia…However, before you jump for joy, there’s a few essential things to arrange prior to your departure and landing as well as a list of things to consider packing to make your life a little easier once you arrive. Here goes….

• Passport, valid and up to date
• Visa and permits
• Flights, travel insurance (good idea if you are coming on a work or student visa. If you are landing as a PR, MSI will cover you from day 1)
• Book accommodation for the first night (or longer) in your new city unless you have an existing Nova Scotia address (you will need to show proof of your address)
• All original certificates: Birth, marriage etc. (and take photocopies of originals too)
• Original driving licence
• A summary of medical records from your doctor including children’s immunisations
• Children’s school records
• Job offer confirmation (if applicable) as well as contact details for your new company
• Goods to follow list for customs when you land
• Contact Inland Revenue and bring all your tax forms (P60, P45 etc.)
• Bring a letter from your Car Insurer confirming the number of years claim free, as this will reduce your car insurance costs in Nova Scotia
• Bring your UK credit history confirmation – it is easy to obtain and makes life so much easier
• Work and character References
• An up to date Canadian style Resume and transcripts of your professional training
• Bring your UK bank statements as proof of funds and details of your Canadian bank account (setting one up prior to your move is advisable)
• Set up a money exchange account to get the very best rates when exchanging your sterling for dollars
• Ensure you have a valid credit card upon landing to enable you to hire a car at Halifax airport
• Divert all your UK mail to your new address in Nova Scotia
• Inform your UK bank and credit card companies of your move (we found it handy to keep a UK bank account and credit card)
• Inform Pension authorities of your move

A few items you might like to bring:
• Some Canadian currency
• A power bar/extension cord so you can run multiple devices using just one Canadian voltage converter/adaptor
• Chargers for phones, cameras, ipods etc
• Home treats like your favourite coffee, tea bags, biscuits or chocolate bars (highly recommended 🙂
• A map or GPS

Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to get it all done at once. Do a little at a time and before you know it, you’ll be packed and ready to go!
As always, we are here to help. Send us a message and we will get back to you very quickly.