peaches-1652016_1280There are three main supermarkets that dominate the grocery sector in Nova Scotia.

Up until 2015, there were just two – Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore. Wal-mart added a fresh produce section in 2015 and as a result, prices have definitely become more competitive.

Sobeys is a Nova Scotia company with over 300 stores throughout the province.

Atlantic Superstore is a Canadian superstore chain and is very similar to Tesco in the UK with a range of clothing, specialist foods and homewares.

Wal-Mart is very similar to Asda in the UK. Prices are very competitive and one of the great things about Wal-Mart is that they offer significant roll-backs on every day products and they ad-match (but will ditch this policy sooner rather than later).

Grocery shopping in Nova Scotia is expensive and it pays to shop around.

For example, I never buy chicken unless it is on offer (which it is most weeks), same goes for lots of fruit and vegetables – particularly grapes and blueberries.

Every week, we receive a bundle of flyers at the bottom of our driveway, notifying us of the offers for the coming week. Offers tend to run from Thursday for 7 days, unless stipulated on the flyers. I found this a really strange system at first….plus the amount of paper that is wasted…but if you are a savvy shopper, you will soon get used to it.

I normally check through the three supermarket flyers to work out what is on offer for the week and add the weekly “special” to my shopping list. **** UPDATE****

Costco is another very cost effective way to shop. You have to pay out an initial membership fee to join but if you have a larger family, it can work out to be much less expensive shopping in bulk. But beware, you can end up spending a fortune and coming away with a lot more than groceries!

Another local store that I love is Gateway Meat Market. It’s a bit of trek from Fall River to Dartmouth but the savings can make up for it. They don’t paper advertise with flyers but you can check their Facebook page to see what is on offer for the week. It has some crazy deals from time to time and the meat is very good quality and very well priced. Another store worth checking out is Chops in Dartmouth. I haven’t been but a friend visited recently and mentioned how well priced it was. Very similar to Gateway Meat Market.

You’ll also find a limited grocery section at Shoppers Drug Mart and Lawtons .

Other options for keeping costs down is shopping at the local Farm Markets.

Avery’s Farm Markets are spread around Nova Scotia and offer seasonal products at great prices. I personally love Avery’s and find their produce to be very good quality. Local Farmers Markets are definitely worth checking out too.

If you are on an unlimited budget, you will find Pete’s Fine Foods a delight. Originally from the UK, Pete offers unique fresh food, unparalleled in quality. With two stores, one in Bedford and one in Halifax, you will find everything you could be craving for from the UK as well as a premium range of high quality meat (including British back bacon) from a British butcher, a fishmonger, a European deli, a global grocery selection and incredible range of cheeses. Personally I would shop here all the time…just don’t tell Richard 😉

As always, feel free to ask any questions!

****UPDATE **** Thanks to my savvy shopping friend and neighbour, I now know an easier way to find a bargain – yay!! Download the reebee app, which lists all the weekly deals offered at every local store – all in one place – and Walmart will price check each one. Best of all, you don’t have to trawl through every flyer. Awesome tip, J! Thank you.



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