christmas tree nova scotiaAs the Christmas Tree Capital of the world, you will find the absolute best Christmas trees in Nova Scotia.

If this is your first Christmas in Canada, you may decide to make it more of an adventure and cut your very own tree which is always a memorable and fun experience and may even lead to a new family tradition.

However, if you don’t fancy the idea of cutting your own, you’ll have no problem finding beautifully fresh trees at one of the many Christmas tree lots  throughout Nova Scotia, and on the plus side, they often deliver locally for free.

There is nothing like cutting down your own tree – our three kids love it and it is a real “Canadian” experience, especially when there is snow on the ground. Bringing a flask of hot chocolate and cookies makes it even more fun. And stopping for brunch or lunch on the way home really puts the finishing touches on a perfect day.

One of the best tips I can offer you for selecting the right tree is to measure the height of the room where you plan on putting the tree BEFORE you start shopping. We have been caught out quite a few times buying a tree that is way too big for our home.

If you are deciding to cut your own Christmas tree, be sure to bring some work gloves and a tree saw (Rich has used a cordless reciprocating saw in the past).

Once you’ve chosen your Christmas tree and cut it down, ensure that the tree is netted as this will help keep the branches tightly bundled. If the tree lot doesn’t net (most do) then create your own by giving it a good shake first and then wrapping it in an old blanket or a tarp.

nova scotia christmas tree cut your own

And for getting your tree home safely with the pine needles still attached, bring an extra tarp or blanket for the roof or the cargo area and PLENTY of rope or bungee cord to secure it properly. Yes, we’ve been caught out here too 😉

Often the employees at the tree farm are super knowledgeable and helpful and will probably assist you to secure the tree. We’ve always been told to arrange the tree so that the stump end faces the front of your vehicle, making sure it doesn’t obstruct your driving ability….


Once you make it home safely, stand the tree in a bucket of water before cutting about an inch off the bottom just before you put it in the stand. This will guarantee freshness and make it last throughout the Christmas and well into the New Year (if you keep it up that long 😉

The Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia is a great resource with lots of useful information and links to U-Cut Farms throughout the province. You will find plenty of farms that offer extras like crafts, sleigh or wagon rides, wreaths and other greenery. Don’t forget to call ahead for each of the farms’ hours of operations and dates that the trees are available. Check it out here 

Why not make this years’ Christmas a back to nature experience for the whole family and create a wonderful new Canadian tradition?

Life is good in Nova Scotia!

Jane & Rich

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