patriot-1019851_1920Moving to Canada or another country is definitely not for the faint of heart. When we decided to move to Nova Scotia without the security of jobs, people honestly thought we had lost the plot.

Yet, many other people would tell us how brave we were and how they wished they had the guts to do something like it.

It would seem that many people  want to do something important to them, maybe to go travelling or live in another country but are constantly held back by the fear of it not working out.

And in the end, they talk themselves out of their dream because “it’s just too risky.”

Let’s get real and totally honest…..

Fear WILL absolutely raise its ugly head to scare you off and fill your head with doubts.

And, your vision of your new life must be very strong to help you through the rough days while you are waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

We are no different.

We were scared and we had plenty of doubts but we never let them stop us.

So many people fall at the first hurdle and go back to the starting line without ever trying again.

We weren’t prepared to give up no matter how tough it got or how long we had to play the waiting game.

As a nurse, I’ve cared for people at the end of their lives, who have lived with regret and wished they could have done things differently and we definitely did not want to live with regret for not having the guts to fulfill our dream.

So how did we stay focused when the doubts set in.

Very simply.

We just asked ourselves “What is the worst thing that could happen?”

  • we don’t like Canada
  • we don’t like our new life
  • we can’t find work
  • we run out of money
  • we are not happy
  • we miss our home (Richard was particularly worried about this one, because I am from a close-knit family and he really thought I would find it difficult to be so far away from them all).

We were fortunate. We had a security blanket. We knew that we could go back home.

We had family to go back home to.

Okay, we may not have any money, having used all our savings to get us and our belongings to Canada, but we could start again.image dreaming

We could rent a house to keep a roof over our heads. We could get new jobs.

When we looked at the worst case scenario and the solution to it, our move to Nova Scotia really didn’t seem so scary after all.

I honestly think that a lot of people are so wrapped up in the fear of losing all their material belongings that they are not prepared to take the risk of losing them and starting again from scratch.

But really, is it such a big deal?

Personally, I think not and Rich and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Life is for living – not for thinking about living from the comfort of your armchair.

Go for it! Take a calculated risk and embrace life because it is really short and the clock is ticking.

Life is good in Nova Scotia. Why not come and see for yourself.

Go and embrace your dreams!

Jane & Rich