Nova Scotia beaches

Nova Scotia beaches

If you love the lazy, hazy days of summer and delight in spending your time discovering captivating beaches, I guarantee you will fall in love with the unique beauty of  Nova Scotia’s beaches and rugged coastline.

Having been fortunate enough to travel to many picture-perfect beaches all over the world from the coastline of Australia to Thailand to Hawaii, I’ve definitely seen some stunners, but I can honestly say, with hand on heart that the beaches here in Nova Scotia rank very highly on my most loved list.

Why so?

Possibly because this place is so naturally un-spoilt and void of commercialization.

Coming from Cardiff, going to the beach would ultimately mean a day trip to iconic Barry Island or Porthcawl (not exactly blissful, but lots of seaside fun). Of course, Wales has some spectacular, pristine beaches too. It’s just unfortunate that the weather doesn’t often co-operate.

Europe on the other hand has the weather, yet often the resort beaches are very commercialized. Think pedalo boats, sunbeds and other beach accessories for hire, beach bars etc. And that’s all great and super fun, but after many years of holidaying like this, we decided that we no longer enjoyed sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers on a beach.

Maybe it’s an age thing, but my taste in beaches has definitely become more refined.

Here in Nova Scotia, there’s nothing.

You won’t find anyone coming around selling food of any kind.

No deckchair rentals

No umbrellas or sunbeds for rent

No jet skis or pedalo boats for hire

No amusement parks

In fact, all focus is on the beach and nothing else.

No commercialism.

Just natural un-spoilt, (and crowd free) beauty. Take your pick from abundant sandy ocean beaches, rocky shore beaches or lake beaches. Ahhh. Total bliss.

However, this would not be a true reflection of a Nova Scotia beach without the following word of warning.

The water can be frigid……

And, I don’t mean a tad cold. I mean…FREEZING. Toe curling cold.

I think this is honestly the only downside to our beaches (and I guess it is a pretty big one ;).

Yesterday we spent a few hours at Lawrencetown beach, which is the ultimate surfer’s paradise with brilliant waves – the air temperature was 24 degrees but the water was a balmy 15 degrees!

I totally chickened out of body-boarding, but my three kids went in briefly and reminded me that I need to pack the wet-suits when a beach trip is on the agenda.

There are definitely some beaches with warmer water and along the Northumberland Straight, you’ll find some of the warmest beach waters in Canada. It’s just a little too far for an everyday trip to the beach.

The Nova Scotia beaches are truly beautiful and you are never very far from the ocean wherever you decide to set up home here.

Life is certainly good in Nova Scotia. And the lazy, hazy days of summer are just the best!

Jane & Rich