Our Home in Nova ScotiaThis is our home in Nova Scotia. Our whole life has more or less been transformed by the move we made to Canada back in March 2007.

If we hadn’t moved to Nova Scotia, I still think we would be happy, though. Our happiness was not purely dependent on moving to Canada. It just would have been very different.



Our home in CardiffThis is our home in Cardiff (the one with the tree outside). We loved living here and had a really great life.

A nice, small home in a quiet cul de sac close to family and good friends. We had two healthy children in a fabulous little school within walking distance. We were both working good jobs, with lots of annual leave.We had two holidays abroad each year and one or two mini breaks away. Life was really good.

But we wanted more. It began with an idea, “Let’s move to Australia….No! Let’s move to Canada”.

Yes, it’s a simple idea but it’s also a very big one. It sounded greedy and many people couldn’t understand why we would leave everything behind to start again…in a new country…knowing no-one….with no jobs to go to.

When we took a very spontaneous trip to Nova Scotia, we had done a little research but knew straight away that it felt right.

This time we had our two children with us (3 and 5) and we mixed business with lots of pleasure. We had decided on two neighbourhoods that took our fancy and went out to look at some homes just guessing on what we would be able to afford. We also took a tour of the one of the Elementary Schools and did a lot of touristy things.

One of the homes we viewed on our research trip was the home we are in now.

I remember sitting on the front porch with a view of the lake. It was a sunny, warm day in May 2006 and I said to Rich “I could live here”. It was beautiful. The views were spectacular and it had a great feeling. It was not the cheapest home we viewed nor was it the largest but there was something really special about it.

Call us crazy but we did something next that Rich wouldn’t advise you to do.

We made an offer on the home (yes, that’s without having our Canadian PR in place or knowing that we were definitely allowed to come to Canada!). It got accepted and we had just over two weeks to get our financing in place. It was a matter of re-mortgaging our home in the UK to pay for our Canadian home here. But it can be done and we did it.

We were very fortunate. We bought this home for a lot less than what we sold our small home in Cardiff for.

And, we were able to rent our (unfurnished) home out from July 2006 to March 2007. Our lovely tenants moved out the day we landed as Permanent Residents in Nova Scotia. We had one night in a hotel and then moved into our beautiful home the very next day.

We had a permanent address right from day 1 and that was very important for us.

This is our home. We love it. Fall River Homes

And we continue to pinch ourselves at how we managed to get so lucky. We had this picture in our mind of how we wanted our new Canadian life to be. Living in Nova Scotia has turned those distant dreams into an everyday reality.

As always, feel free to contact us.

Life is good in Nova Scotia!

Jane and Richard