Camping with kayaks on the beach on a sunny day.

Camping with kayaks on the beach on a sunny day in Nova Scotia.

When we first moved to Nova Scotia, we found the holiday set up pretty strange.

Unlike the UK, we don’t get half term breaks from school. The new school year starts in September, with a short Christmas break and goes right through to mid-March when school closes for a week.

This is when a lot of families will go away somewhere warm to break up the cold, winter months.

Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Florida tend to be very popular vacation destinations. Caribbean cruises are pretty popular too.

Personally, we tend to head to Maine for a week of skiing during March break. It’s a very fun, tiring week but we love it.

For those people not dependent on school holidays, late March into April seems to be a busy time for sun vacations.

School breaks up for a full 10 weeks holiday at the end of June.

Camping, heading to the cottage, road trips around Canada, visiting family or friends in other provinces seem to be what most people do during the summer months. PEI (Prince Edward Island) is another very popular summer destination with families and is only a 4 hour journey.

We are blessed with great summers here, so many people choose to stay close and embrace all that Nova Scotia has to offer, including magnificent provincial parks, camping, beaches, lakes, an abundance of water sports and stunning hiking trails.

We are staycationing this year and it feels like a long vacation, because the weather has been incredible. In the past we have taken road trips across Canada. One year we drove to Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and back through New Hampshire and Maine. Great fun.

I know of one family this year who drove from Nova Scotia to the Grand Canyon! In two weeks!

This blows my mind.

One thing you will notice here is that Canadians are truly unfazed by distance. They think nothing of driving for 3-4 days to get to their holiday destination.

Many British expats here in Nova Scotia will have family come  to visit (yay) or they will travel back to the UK for a visit during the summer months. Air fares are expensive but if you book early enough, it is possible to get a good deal.

We don’t have the luxury of cheap flights to Europe and that’s one of the big downers of living here…being able to grab a cheap flight and head to Rome or Prague for a long weekend. I miss that. But on another note, it is possible to get cheap flights to New York, Boston and other cities, if you keep your eyes peeled for the bargains when the flight sales are announced.

Life is good in Nova Scotia.

Catch up again soon. Enjoy your weekend!

Jane & Rich