Buying Your First Home in Nova Scotia

Hey everyone,

I’m not going to go into the home buying process here in Canada – that’s Richard’s area of expertise – and he’d be more than happy to share his knowledge with you.

The purpose of today’s blog is to get you thinking about a few practical things when the time comes to buying your […]

Some Interesting Facts About Nova Scotia

Birthplace of Hockey (Windsor, NS) The History of Ice Hockey from the Original Home Ice & Birthplace of Hockey Windsor Nova Scotia (circa 1800).


We have the highest tides in the world opening up a whole area of recreation hard to find elsewhere (mud sliding, tidal bore rafting, muddy soccer). Tidal Bore Rafting


It’s […]

Exploring Nova Scotia in the Winter: Fun Things to Do in the Annapolis Valley

If you are fairly new to living here, chances are you will be spending a lot of your spare time and weekends exploring Nova Scotia, I know we certainly did.

If you fancy taking a road trip to explore further afield, there are some wonderful things to see and do in the Annapolis Valley. Not […]

Relocating to Nova Scotia – Tips on Your Arrival

Relocating to Nova Scotia
So, after a great deal of consideration, a lot of paperwork, and most probably a quite substantial financial outlay, you find yourself landing at Halifax International Airport to start your new life in Nova Scotia, Canada. This is it….you are finally relocating to Nova Scotia 🙂

You might describe your journey as a […]

Surviving Your First Winter in Canada | Moving 2 Nova Scotia

Surviving your first winter in Canada will require a little bit of planning and thought. Winter in Nova Scotia generally starts with a big dump of snow mid-November as a “get yourself organised” warning and then the real winter conditions start in January through to March, with plenty of snow, ice and cold temperatures.

Compared to […]

How Alcohol is Sold in Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, alcohol is  sold  in provincially owned approved stores, either the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission (NSLC) or designated Agency stores in more rural areas.

There are a few exceptions – a handful of privately owned (and non regulated) wine and craft beer stores are dotted around the province, as well as the increasingly popular local Brewery stores.

Unlike […]

What’s So Special About Nova Scotia’s beaches?


If you love the lazy, hazy days of summer and delight in spending your time discovering captivating beaches, I guarantee you will fall in love with the unique beauty of  Nova Scotia’s beaches and rugged coastline.

Having been fortunate enough to travel to many picture-perfect beaches all over the world from the coastline of Australia to Thailand to […]

There’s No Jobs in Nova Scotia…..Really?

Moving to Nova Scotia and How to Find Work
One of the biggest issues with moving to Nova Scotia seems to be the impression that there is a lack of jobs. We are not sure we would agree. Here’s why….

When we first decided to move to Canada and headed out on a research trip to […]


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