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The Truth About the Traffic in Nova Scotia

One of the things I disliked most about living in the UK was the traffic. Driving around Cardiff was always congested. It used to take Richard 45 minutes to drive 5 miles from our home to his office. And when I was working afternoon shifts at the hospital, I would have to set off […]

How Alcohol is Sold in Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, alcohol is  sold  in provincially owned approved stores, either the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission (NSLC) or designated Agency stores in more rural areas.

There are a few exceptions – a handful of privately owned (and non regulated) wine and craft beer stores are dotted around the province, as well as the increasingly popular local Brewery stores.

Unlike […]

Cost of Living in Nova Scotia and Exchange Rates

We are continuing our Cost of Living in Nova Scotia topic….

When you first arrive here, it will seem like you have a huge hole in your pocket! The hard earned money that you are bringing with you will very soon start disappearing.

In the beginning it can be expensive – purchasing new cars, sorting out […]

Grocery Shopping in Nova Scotia

There are three main supermarkets that dominate the grocery sector in Nova Scotia.

Up until 2015, there were just two – Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore. Wal-mart added a fresh produce section in 2015 and as a result, prices have definitely become more competitive.

Sobeys is a Nova Scotia company with over 300 stores throughout the province.

Atlantic […]

Our Home in Nova Scotia versus our Home in Cardiff

This is our home in Nova Scotia. Our whole life has more or less been transformed by the move we made to Canada back in March 2007.

If we hadn’t moved to Nova Scotia, I still think we would be happy, though. Our happiness was not purely dependent on moving to Canada. It just would have […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Nova Scotia

What I Wish I knew before Moving to Nova Scotia, Canada

When we moved to Nova Scotia, we shipped a container with all our belongings from home and boy, are we thankful. 10 years ago it was pretty awful shopping here, not a lot of choice and expensive. Nowadays , there is definitely more choice – and […]

The 6 First Things You NEED to Do When Landing in Nova Scotia

You are landing in Nova Scotia and ready to start your new life. It’s an exciting yet extremely busy time. I seem to remember our first month felt we were never ever home. We always had a list of chores to do and with two young children in tow, it was a tough balancing act […]

Moving to Canada: Will it all work out?

Moving to Canada or another country is definitely not for the faint of heart. When we decided to move to Nova Scotia without the security of jobs, people honestly thought we had lost the plot.

Yet, many other people would tell us how brave we were and how they wished they had the guts to do […]

Working in Nova Scotia – How Many Paid Holidays Will I Get?

And, what’s my annual leave entitlement?

One of the biggest shockers for us UK peeps when moving to Nova Scotia (or any other part of Canada) is the holiday entitlement we are allocated in our new job.

I can’t fully remember what the entitlement was like for Richard’s job in the UK (I’m thinking 4 weeks or […]


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