moving to nova scotia from UK

Buying a Home in Nova Scotia, Canada – It’s a Very Different Process Here

Buying Home in Nova Scotia – Here’s What You Should Know About the Process….

Newly landed immigrants to Nova Scotia who don’t plan to rent long term need to know exactly what they are getting into when buying their first home in Canada, as there are quite a few significant differences between the process in the […]

Living in Nova Scotia: Where Do People Go on Holiday?

When we first moved to Nova Scotia, we found the holiday set up pretty strange.

Unlike the UK, we don’t get half term breaks from school. The new school year starts in September, with a short Christmas break and goes right through to mid-March when school closes for a week.

This is when a lot of families will go […]

What’s the Weather Like in Nova Scotia?

What surprised us most when researching Canada was the weather and how it varied from province to province. Most people think of Canada as very cold, but don’t realise that we have very hot summers too. When choosing a move to Canada, our main weather request was that our province of choice had four […]

There’s No Jobs in Nova Scotia…..Really?

Moving to Nova Scotia and How to Find Work
One of the biggest issues with moving to Nova Scotia seems to be the impression that there is a lack of jobs. We are not sure we would agree. Here’s why….

When we first decided to move to Canada and headed out on a research trip to […]


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