moving to Nova Scotia

An Introduction to the School System in Nova Scotia

When we moved to Nova Scotia back in 2007, we were very fortunate to settle quickly in a great neighbourhood that had a very good schools.

Nearly all primary and secondary Schools in the Nova Scotia are public schools maintained by the provincial government’s Department of Education. The public school system runs from Primary through to Grade 12.

There are […]

Where Are the Cheapest Canadian Cities?

Canada is a massive country with ten provinces and many livable cities to choose from.

Many people are drawn to the natural beauty of the west coast, but are put off by the extreme cost of housing and the highest overall cost of living in Canada.

So what other cities are a good choice in terms of affordability […]

Moving to Canada: Will it all work out?

Moving to Canada or another country is definitely not for the faint of heart. When we decided to move to Nova Scotia without the security of jobs, people honestly thought we had lost the plot.

Yet, many other people would tell us how brave we were and how they wished they had the guts to do […]

Visiting Nova Scotia for the First Time

We’ve just celebrated Natal Day long weekend which resulted in several parties, backyard bbq’s, hanging out with friends, swimming in the lake and pool, a trip to the busker festival, a ferry ride and generally chilling in the beautiful hot sunshine.

July and August are busy times for us expats with family and friends coming to […]

Which Country Has the Most Bank Holidays?

I thought we’d chat about Bank Holidays on today’s blog and in particular which country has the most public holidays – Canada or the UK?

Bank holidays are known as public holidays in Canada and unlike the UK, each province of Canada has a differing set of public holidays. For the purpose of today’s blog, […]


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